Looking hot, Marky. 

Thank you, Rina. I try my best to look appealing. 

What's your catchphrase?

Markus’s catchphrase is: I’m hungry.


posted 2 years ago


I could tell you were confused at what was going on. I never did like those translators and how slow they were. It was just something that I found to be an idiotic thing to ask, you do what you do because you enjoy it. Russian reporters are the worst.

Yeah, it’s always annoying to wait and understand what they were saying. I’m not really sure what they think I should be doing. Clearly they need to write down better questions. But thanks for protecting me on that, Rina.


Thanks. That reporter was just bugging me. I had to say something.

It took me a while to understand what you two were saying. My translator was pretty slow. But good thing you were.


I am protective of people. 

You’re great.



You don’t have to show them. I said I would show them. I think they should see how one starts out with this talent, it would be a nice teaching lesson. I care about art, my family, and everyone in my life. I have more but those are the most important to me.  

What? Oh no, no. You are not going to get a hold of those videos. Nope. Not going to happen.

Oh of course. Go with the obvious ones, Rina. 



It certainly did. I wonder if I could get a copy of these home videos of you as a child singing in your diaper. I am sure your mother took many home videos of this. Perhaps do a show and tell for your class with these. Uh huh. Girls, music, and students. Two out of the three are good things.

Well, I’m sure she does but I doubt that I will ever show my students those videos. I wouldn’t stop hearing their comments afterwards. 

But at least they are good. What do you care about anyways? 

justin timberlake - senorita